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State Rep. Walker's Sponsored Legislation

HB 34: Enterprise Zone Reform

  • Strengthens enforcement of Enterprise Zone eligibility, so Zones that no longer meet the requirements are put on probation and may lose their certification if they don't take the right steps to qualify again

  • Ensures taxpayer money going into these Zones is being put to good use, and no municipality or organization is taking advantage of the program

  • Recently signed into law

HB 3865: Protecting Veterans

  • Ensures that individuals or companies who provide veteran's benefit services must explicitly disclose any fees they charge and notify veterans that the services are offered at no charge by our Veterans Service Organizations.

  • Directs the Department of Veterans' Affairs to investigate any violations and punish companies or individuals who take advantage of veterans by not disclosing the fees for their services.

  • Recently signed into law

HBs 436, 448, 578 and 2436: TIF and PTEL Reform

  • Limits how much local taxing bodies can increase property taxes every year.

  • Requires voters to approve increases in property taxes.

  • Narrows the definition of "blighted" areas in which TIF taxing districts can be created. 

  • Shortens the period of time a TIF district can be active. 

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