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State Rep. Walker's Sponsored Legislation

HB 1079: Ending Illinois' Nuclear Moratorium - The Illinois General Assembly enacted a moratorium on building new nuclear reactors in the 1980s preventing the state from expanding its fleet. Nuclear energy has long been Illinois' energy backbone - it generates more than half of the state's electricity. HB 1079 will:

  • Lift the moratorium and allow Illinois to build new nuclear reactors.

  • Give Illinois more options to meet our green energy goals.

HB 3413: Reinterment of Native American Remains - Illinois has one of the richest histories and traditions involving Native American tribes. However, for far too long, that history has been abused in the form of moving or displaying Native remains against the wishes of tribes. HB 3413 will:

  • Coordinate the reburial of Native American remains and artifacts between the Department of Natural Resources and other agencies

  • Give Native American tribes a voice in their ancestors' remains can be treated with the respect and honor they deserve.  

HB 3479: Digital Asset/Cryptocurrency Protections - Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are an unregulated asset, allowing some to take advantage of Illinoisans by luring them into get-rich-quick schemes. We've already seen too many examples of fraud from the collapse of FTX to hearing from many Illinoisans who've lost money due to these schemes. HB 3479 will:

  • Legally define cryptocurrency so it can be regulated.

  • Implement other consumer protections surrounding digital currencies.

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